Your organization has an important mission and is achieving results. You have a long list of reasons of why people should give, and an even longer list of needs. So what’s stopping people for donating? There are some common stumbling blocks and excuses that prevent potential donors from becoming supporters, and they can be solved.

They Weren’t Asked

Your organization or congregation might be doing amazing things, but if people don’t know about it, they are unlikely to give to it. Don’t shy away from asking for funds that your organization needs. Every fundraising campaign needs a call to action, and potential donors rarely seek out giving opportunities. Instead, they give to the organizations and causes that present themselves in easy-to-access messages through websites, mobile messaging, and well-placed kiosks.

They Can’t Afford a Large Donation

Potential donors often have the heart to give, but not the room in their budget. Plus, they often believe that a donation must be substantial to be meaningful. But, small donations add up big change. Offer microgiving opportunities, starting at just $5, and then show potential donors what that amount means to you and to them. A $5 donation may mean skipping a latte, but it could mean something very significant to your organization.

Giving is Complicated

Potential donors crave simple, streamlined giving that won’t bite into their already busy schedule. Too often what they find is charity events to attend, fundraising products to buy, checks to be mailed, and a maze of online giving forms. Convert people who believe in your mission into donors by presenting them with easy giving solutions that meet them where they are. Online and mobile-based giving platforms should require no more than a few clicks to complete a donation.

They Don’t Buy into the Organization

No matter how quick or easy it is, potential donors won’t give unless they can see and believe in the mission of the organization. Rather than presenting facts, figures, and a vague mission statement, tell personal stories of real people that show both the need and the results of giving. By incorporating photos, videos, and testimonials into fundraising campaigns you can create personal connections that donors what to be a part of.

They Forget to Give Again

Once the initial gift is complete, donors move on and your organization slips off their radar. But, repeat gifts are an efficient way to achieve your funding goals. Past donors already believe in mission and they have proven that they are willing and able to give. They just need the opportunity.

So offer automated recurring donations that require one simple registration form and then deduct a monthly amount from the donor’s account. For donors that prefer not to commit to a monthly gift, encourage additional gifts by sending frequent communications expressing both the results of the past gift and the need for ongoing support.

ClearGive can help your organization overcome all the most common reasons and excuses for not donating. By providing clean, simple ways to give, ClearGive meets donors where they are and keeps them engaged with your organization. Contact us today to start squashing donor excuses.