Fundraising never stops and having an online giving page provides donors with the ability to give to your organization at anytime from anywhere in the world.

When looking at options for an online giving platform ask yourself this, “Is it easy to use? Is it accessible to my donors and does it provide me with the tools to know how much is coming in and who is making the donation?’

I’ll take on each of these question below and let you know how ClearGIVE is different.

Is the ClearGIVE Online Giving easy to use? Simply put, yes it is. We built our online giving platform with the understanding that there are millions of different internet users out there and not all of them are the most tech savy. With that in mind, there is clear path with minimal roadblocks from the time a donor commits to making a donation to the time that they view their receipt for a completed donation. Our motto has always been, “Keep it simple.”

Is ClearGIVE accessible to my donors? Yes it is. Accessibility is code for convenient and if you look at a lot of online giving platforms you will see that not only are they are hidden behind login pages but they are not very welcoming to donors.

We don’t hide the ClearGIVE Online Giving platform behind a gatekeeper and this ensures that you do not have to turn away a potential donor just because they don’t want to create an account. Donors can access our online giving platform on any PC or mobile device and they can easily make a donation as a guest or member.

Does it provide me with the tools to know how much is coming in and who is making the donation? We provide you with over 15 different reports that enable you to manage the donations and revenue coming in to your organization through the ClearGIVE platform. Each report can be downloaded to Excel or emailed to another person or department. Our back office also enables you to see who your donors are, how much they have given and communicate with them so that they stay engaged with your organization.

There are a lot of cookie cutter online giving platforms prowling the internet these days. We separate ourselves from those guys with our commitment to pushing forward with new features, new designs and a level of service that enables your organization to reach your goals year after year.