What defines a successful event? While they are many possible answers to this question, getting people to register for and attend the event is essential. No matter how engaging the speakers are or how powerful their message is – it is tough to call an event a success when it has poor attendance. Believe it or not, the process of registering an event can have a huge impact on the event attendance. We’ve put together some tips to help you increasing registration and attendance to your events by streamlining the registration process.


Stop Using Paper-Based Registration

When someone registers for your event, it should be easy and fast. With that in mind, the first step is to eliminate paper-based registration. Many nonprofit organizations and religious groups still use paper-based registration because they don’t want to alienate older generations who are not very tech-savvy.

Even with these concerns, most event organizers have found that eliminating paper-based registrations not only saved them time, it also increased their overall attendance. If you have clearly communicated the benefits of attendance, chances are even the most traditional segment of your audience will be willing to try online registration.

Keep it Short, Keep it Simple

The registration process is the best to gather all the necessary information you need from attendees. The key word is “necessary.” Don’t ask for more information that you need. If it’s possible, keep your registration form to one page. The more times someone has to click through to another page, the greater the chance they may not finish the process.

Make it Mobile

With the ever-present use of smartphones and tablets, mobile browsing is becoming the most popular way to go online. Mobile registration makes it easy for people to register when it is convenient for them, anytime, anywhere.

Even take the extra step to ensure your registration process has a cohesive style from your website to your mobile platform. This seemingly small step demonstrates a level of professionalism within your organization and reassures people when they are entering sensitive personal and financial information.

Offer to Register People at Other Gatherings

Many nonprofit organizations and religious groups have regular meetings and small gatherings. Consider having a couple of people available with tablets or setting up a ClearGIVE kiosk at these gatherings to allow people to register for upcoming events.

There are a lot of services and software options available to event organizers to simplify the registration process, but many are geared toward events held by the for-profit business sector. At ClearGIVE, we work to connect nonprofit and religious organizations with donors and supporters in countless ways. With options to customize for each event and create reports, the ClearGIVE registration platform is the best option available to manage nonprofit and religious event registration.