Whether it’s a formal gala with an elaborate array of sponsorships, silent auctions, and raffle ticket sales or a Saturday afternoon car wash, fundraising events can generate significant income for nonprofit organizations. However, the actual event is just the tip of the iceberg. There are hours of time invested in planning for how to handle event donations and follow up. Savvy organizations are looking to technology to streamline event-based fundraising.

Since their release in 2010, iPads have revolutionized everything from entertainment to communication. But, tablets aren’t just for Candy Crush and Facebook. Nonprofits are now using iPads as a powerful element in their fundraising toolkit, especially at events. With the ability to generate more donations in less time, and to connect with potential donors in new ways, iPads are quickly transforming fundraising events.

Reduce Errors

Every nonprofit fundraiser has experienced what it’s like to painstakingly walk a potential donor through the paperwork needed to charge a gift to a credit card or set up a recurring donation, only to have those forms sit on a desk, untouched, for weeks. The story becomes even more frustrating when someone finally starts to input the information into a computer, only to find that poor penmanship or an error in the information makes it impossible to capture the donation or contact the person.

iPads make it quick and efficient to capture both donor data and donations on the spot. Because it’s possible for the data to go directly from the device to ClearGive’s fundraising software platform, staff can spend less time on tedious data input and more time engaging with donors. Plus, features such as automatic zip code and address checking cut down on errors and missed opportunities. Add the fact that credit and debit cards can instantly be charged, dramatically decreasing post-event wait time for donations to arrive in the organization’s bank account, and you have a fundraising powerhouse all wrapped up in one tiny tablet.

Tell Your Story

iPads within the fundraising space are much more than simple data input devices. They are the latest way to capture the attention of potential donors. Photos and video have long been the best ways to tell a story and guide donors to visualizing the work and impact of the organization. Previously, this meant hauling clunky televisions and photo albums to display. But iPads put impressive presentations, slideshows and videos right in the palm of your hand.

Today, iPads at fundraising events are still cutting edge. But soon, the use of mobile technology at everything from golf tournaments to sponsor dinners will be expected, and the use of paper forms will be considered outdated. Especially with the millennial generation entering the giving pool, this technology is quickly becoming a “must-have” to increase awareness and process donations.

ClearGive can provide everything your organization needs to embrace the use of iPads both at fundraising events and in everyday giving situations. From online giving and social engagement software to iPad kiosks, ClearGive’s robust platform keeps you on the cutting edge of fundraising.