PayPal is a popular way to send and receive payments online, with user-friendly features that make it seemingly convenient. It offers personal and business accounts as well as a mobile app. It even has a “donate” button feature to put on websites to solicit donations. But don’t let all these features fool you. While good for businesses, PayPal may not be the best way to ask for donations online. Here are three reasons why you should consider alternatives to PayPal for your electronic giving solution.

No Branding Options

Because PayPal does not offer a fully branded solution, conversion rates for PayPal donation forms may be lower than other forms of payment acceptance. PayPal’s yellow donate button must be added to your website and supported with surrounding content and context there. Once clicked, PayPal transactions are presented in a shopping cart, which may not give the right impression for your cause. The shopping cart donation experience may also confuse potential donors who do not understand the process or think they must have a PayPal account to give. This can result in a frustrated donor who abandons the online process altogether and may not make any further donation attempts. Other online donation acceptance options that offer a branded, streamlined and donation-centric experience simplify the process for donors while making a clear connection for reasons to give.

PayPal Fees

One of the biggest reasons to find a PayPal non-profit alternative for online donations is the fees it charges for transactions. PayPal is appealing because it offers a discount on its transaction rate for non-profits, with no setup fees or charges for withdrawals. The discounted rate for smaller non-profits is 2.2 percent, plus 30 cents per transaction. If you do most of your donation acceptance through PayPal, those fees can add up to a substantial amount of money that your donors are giving to PayPal instead of your cause or organization.

Limited Ways to Give

PayPal’s online donation button is a single feature without any mobile or text capabilities. With today’s proliferation of mobile devices and advances in responsive design, an online donation feature that allows donors to give from their smart phones with ease improves engagement and encourages future donation activity. Organizations that make it as easy as possible to donate will increase donations and build stronger relationships with donors.

ClearGIVE: Powering the Greater Good™

ClearGIVE offers a clearly better option for online donations. ClearGIVE’s platform enables you to offer your donors more than just a yellow button to donate. Online, kiosk, in-person, and mobile giving capabilities, as well as e-commerce, CRM management, and more innovative ways to reach out to donors, creates a vibrant, dynamic giving environment that increases donations and engages more donors. Social engagement functions let you take your donation requests to social media where you can reach donors in a multitude of new ways. Contact us today to discuss how we can help take your donations to the next level.